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Have you ever woken up not knowing what to do with your hair? Maybe it's too rebellious to let it down and bring it into harmony with your day's look. Perhaps it's too wild to pick it up and get a trendy hairstyle. Simply, the need to go to the hairdresser's and leave it in the hands of expert stylists is clear to you. At Afro Natural hairdresser we understand that hair is an extension of ourselves, reflects our personality and is a lethal weapon of seduction. For this reason, in our hair salon, we have multiple techniques to make your hair look with the most fashionable cuts and hairstyles. From braids, straightening, extensions, highlights, treatments and perms for afro, to the irreverent rasta hairstyle, are just a sample of the most popular hairstyles and treatments you can get in the Afro Natural hairdresser's. Don't waste more time in front of the mirror trying to achieve a professional hairstyle with a sofisticated look, or just trying to dominate your hair. At Afro Natural hairdressers we know what you need: discover the power of perfect hair.

Chart of prices

WASH AND COMB HALF A HAIR -------------------------------70

WASH AND COM LONG HAIR ---------------------------------90

WASH AND STYLING ----------------------------------------90

DEFINE WITH YOLKS ----------------------------------------75

DEFINE WITH DRYER ----------------------------------------120

DEFINE WITH ROLLERS --------------------------------------120

WASH, COMB AND CUT -------------------------------------80

GLUED BRAIDS --------------------------------------------130

LOOSE BRAIDS --------------------------------------------200

BRAIDED EXTENSIONS --------------------------------------200

THREADED EXTENSIONS -------------------------------------250

CLIP-ON EXTENSIONS ---------------------------------------60

Your hairdresser

The best in afro hairdressing

In Afro Natural we understand that hair is one of the most important attributes of a woman, either long or with a short haircut, straight or with curly hair, with waves, braided, dyed or natural.

It is essential that the applied treatment contributes to achieve an impressive look without hurting the scalp. In the Afro Natural hairdresser's shop we have hairdressers and stylists trained to offer you a quality service, helping you to make radical and stunning changes to your look with the minimum damage on your hair.

If the problem is that you don't have time to go and spend hours at the salon, we have the perfect solution: a home hairdresser's. At Afro Natural we understand the importance of your time. That's why we offer you all the benefits of an afro hairdresser's in Madrid from the comfort of your home.

It looks amazing at your wedding with a beautiful bridal pickup without even having to consider the time you'll waste on the hairdresser's waiting list. We also take care of the hair of the men in the house. In Afro Natural we offer hairdressing service for children and men, with fashionable hairstyles for men.

Your beauty centre

Hairdressing & Beauty

There's no doubt that hair is very important for emphasising your beauty, but when you meet with friends or go on a date, a well-groomed face, beautiful hands and feet also take centre stage.

At the Afro Natural hairdresser's we not only take care of your hair, we also offer you the possibility of obtaining professional make-up according to each occasion, with wonderful hands and feet to make you look like a princess. A complete hairdressing and beauty experience in one place.

You can choose the style that you prefer, from a warm makeup for the day to an intense smoky one for the night; wear a manicure with short, long or very long and pointed nails with professional finishes, the choice is only yours.

In this salon we work on achieving the look that you imagine, of course, offering the necessary advice so that you are satisfied with the change. Dedicate a moment of your day to you, take care of your hair, your face and your nails.

In Afro Natural we are at your disposal to achieve this. Contact us to clarify your doubts and request the service of your preference.


What our customers say

  • Lucía Heliodoro (23.12.2018)
    “I was looking for a total change of look, a way to make my hair stand out naturally. After several ideas and researches, I knew I wanted to make myself some knotted braids, but I wanted to find the best place for it. Some of my friends told me that if they are not done properly, they can damage the hair. So I wanted to put myself in the best hands, and with Afro Natural I was not wrong. I think there is no home hairdressing service in Madrid like this one. 100% recommended”
    Lucía Heliodoro (23.12.2018)
  • Jennifer Pradera (09.01.2019)
    If you know how to treat an Afro hair properly, its beauty dazzles and impacts. And that's what they get in Afro Natural, with hairstyles that end up being the envy of all my friends. They know what they are doing, because they also wear their hair like this and it shows in the way they treat you. And all this at home, what more could you ask for?
    Jennifer Pradera (09.01.2019)
  • “When I saw that they not only did hairstyles, but also offered various beauty treatments, I wanted to try their manicure. And, of course, I'm very glad I did, because my nails have never looked as good as they do. Besides, they always give you good beauty advice for your day-to-day life”
    Diana Muñoz (21.01.2019)


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