One of the secrets to obtain an afro hairstyle that attracts all eyes and causes a sensation is using the afro comb, also called afro pick. An item with which you can achieve a spectacular hairstyle.

The afro style is characterized by the fact that it attracts the attention of those who use it. In fact, it is used by many show business figures such as Jimmi Hendrix, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Beyonce, Slash, or Rihanna.

Afro styling is achieved by regularly combing the hair from the base to the tips in an upward motion. In addition, using this afro comb will give you a sensational look.

The afro Pick comb is ideal for disentangling and giving that special and unique volume that characterizes this hairstyle.

The use of the afro comb dates back about 6000 years. Records indicate that it was used as a status symbol in many African societies. In fact, the handles were usually adorned with objects that artistically displayed a person's social position.

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These designs contained representations that included human figures, motives and images of elements in nature, as well as works of art related to spiritual myths.

Afro comb types and advantages of their use

There are two types of combs on the market: plastic and metal combs. Their choice will depend on the properties of your hair. For very fine and soft curls, you can opt for the plastic one, as these are softer.

But if you have a more curly texture, the metal strands work much better.

The use of the afro comb will allow you to obtain great curls, so if the objective is to obtain a hairstyle that stands out from the rest of the people, this is the right product.

It also helps to disentangle more quickly and safely without causing much hair loss during styling.

People often think that the afro comb can cause hair breakage and increased frizz from static electricity.

However, despite the probability of causing some frizz, there are ways in which thicker, more voluminous hair can be achieved.

Getting an afro comb is easy as it can be found in most afro hair product shops. Also, if there is no physical shop nearby, there are also numerous online shops.

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Tips for a good afro hairstyle

The first thing to do in order to get an impacting afro hairstyle is to wash your hair well and make sure it is completely dry. Then select the frizz-free areas that require more volume.

To prevent unwanted frizz, do not pick up areas of hair around the forehead, you can isolate these areas using hair clips or tweezers.

Then you should select the appropriate afro comb. There are two different types of afro pick, the metal and the plastic one.

Some girls prefer metal tips because of the thickness of their hair. Although using the plastic one is usually more comfortable because their teeth are softer and do not get caught up in the curls.

A recommended technique for obtaining greater volume is to pick up the curls, and not comb the hair from the tips to the roots, but pass the afro comb up to two or three centimetres below.It will give results with more volume, even if the tips of the roots are slightly curled.

Finally, you’ll need to shake your hair and gather it around your crown. This will give a little volume to the areas that have not been picked up by keeping your head down.

Then, give it the desired amount of volume and voila, your hair will be left with the style that became popular in the 70s.

Other Afro hairstyles

Over the decades, afro hairstyling has been the basis for the creation of new fashion styles. Here are some of the most widely used today.

  • Asymmetrical Afro, as the name suggests, gives a nice, natural look to short hair. While its cut is sharp on the sides. When styling, the sides of the hair can be tapped to achieve the desired style.

This style became popular in the 70s, through famous celebrities and artists such as the Jacksons brothers. It usually looks great on any type of face but it is important to choose the right hairstyle according to one’s taste.

  • Braids are an easy way to forget about styling for months, give your hair some rest and protect it from environmental factors.

Braided hairstyles are ideal for applying creativity, there are many braiding techniques to make every head unique.

In addition, you can experiment with highlights, natural or curly texture, clips, patterns, and shapes among other options.

Types of braids include: microbraids, cornrows, fishtail braids, blocky braids, black clover braids, twisted braids, tree braids, french braids and much more.

  • Afro hair with an updo, previously it was common to think that afro hair was not suitable for attending important events. However, this opinion has changed and now up-do has become a big trend. A very elegant and eye-catching look that can cause a sensation.

The only important thing is to know how to treat  and manipulate it to achieve an original and spectacular hairstyle.

These are just some of the shapes that can be given to the hair. Everyone should choose the shape that best suits their tastes and their style. Without doubt, this is a look that will not leave anyone indifferent.