Afro hair needs a lot of care in order to keep it healthy and well cared for. This is why it is necessary to know the best products for afro hair. Analyzing and knowing all the articles offered to us is fundamental to choose the option that best suits our type of hair.

Despite the fact that afro hair has always existed, it is also true that it became popular as a fashion between the 1960s and 1970s, when it became an expression of the struggles for social equality in countries such as the United States.

Afro hair, more than just a fashionable style, represents a symbol of beauty, power and naturalness. An example of this is the Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, who has become a very influential and famous figure.

Throughout history, the characteristics of the hair of African women have fascinated artists and photographers. It has also been linked to radical political movements, such as the Black Panthers and the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa.

The best products for afro hair

An Afro-style hair is characterized by attracting attention from all eyes and causing a sensation among people.

To get an eye-catching afro hairstyle, you need to have a series of hair treatment routines that includes care, advice and the best afro hair products on the market.

Afro styling is achieved by regularly combing the hair from the base to the ends in an upward motion and if you do this with the right afro comb you will get a sensational look, as this afro hair product is ideal for untangling and giving you that special volume that characterises this hairstyle.

The Afro Hair Comb

Among the products for afro hair is the Afro comb, also known as Afro Pick. It is used to untangle and give volume to curly hair.

On the market you can find plastic and metal combs and their choice will depend on the properties of your hair. If your curls are very fine and loose, you can choose the plastic one, as these are softer. But if you have a curlier texture, the metal strands will work much better.

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The use of the afro comb will allow you to obtain great curls, which will highlight you. It will also help you to untangle your hair more quickly and safely.

The aluminium hat

Amongst afro hair products, aluminium caps are essential for the care of your curls. They are often used in treatments for hydration, perming, colouring, highlights and some hairstyles.

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There are several types of thermal caps on the market, each with a specific function for treating hair.

In these shops we can find different models available both for straightening and for dyeing. There are also caps for waving, repairing, nourishing, and for deep cleaning.

Afro wig

Afro hair products also include afro wigs, which are a good alternative for those who like to show off their hair with a lot of volume and personality.

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The Afro wig is still in fashion, even though it has been almost 50 years since this look broke the canons of beauty and became a symbol of naturalness and social equality.

Mejores Productos para el Pelo Afro

Curl-defining creams

Among the products for afro hair is a valuable ally, the defining creams. There is a great variety of these products on the market, and they all have the same purpose, define the curls.

In general, all these products are also useful when it comes to styling. Some because they have a fixative, and others because they make the hair easier to comb, since the hair slips more or holds better.

Of course, everybody wants their hair look nicer by keeping it up and much more defined.

Lightweight creams usually serve to define naturally and leave hair fairly loose but controlled. In general, they also eliminate frizz.

When finished, you can see that the person has put on a product but the curl looks very natural.

Among the light creams we usually find the activators, which are products that not only serve to define but also get your hair to take the maximum curl you have. If you have curls, an activator will give you as much volume as possible.

Thick creams are also found in afro hair products. They are used for the driest afro.

Afro Hair Creams

The use of this product for afro hair is recommended for this type of hair because it is not easily greased, but with softer hair and larger curls you must be very careful.

The finish with loose curls is like that of light creams. At sight they will look natural and defined although you will notice that there is product. Even so, it does not leave too much frizz. Depending on the texture of the curl, it can reduce the volume of the hair quite a bit.

We also have the gel for afro hair, the brands have improved their formulas a lot and there are no more problems with residues and the hair is not crunchy or hard.

With a gel, as the hair dries, the strands are well marked and defined, sometimes even with a wet effect throughout the day. The volume decreases a lot and there is usually no frizz.

The mousse offers the most natural look of all. The curls are defined, but not by strands, but with their own volume. With this product for afro hair, you get a curl as big as the hair.

The mousse is not recommended for a straight style, but it is for loose hair.

This product for afro hair goes very well with wavy hair as well as for a tight afro hairstyle. Some have a bit of hold, but always much less than a gel. They all tend to reduce frizz quite a lot and leave the hair looking very shiny.