Permanent Afro in Madrid

Do you love your hair but cannot manage to make it last? In out hair salon you can get an afro permanent in Madrid. We are here to help you with everything you might need.

Do you want a more voluminous effect without looking dishevelled? Or do you want to mould it while it keeps its natural waves? If your answer if affirmative, in Afro Natural we make the permanent afro in Madrid that you need. Thanks to our treatment we create a permanent effect of curly and wavy hair.

With the afro permanent you will have a stylish retro hairstyle and a sophisticated appearance. If, on the other hand, you fear that it is too much for you, do not worry, because you can also opt for soft waves.

Once you discover all the advantages of the permanent, you can try with stronger and more voluminous curls. The possibilities are endless, you only have to request your appointment in our afro hair salon in Madrid and let us take care of you.



Benefits from our afro hair salon in Madrid

  • We are experts in all types of treatments for afro hair, like the permanent afro
  • We apply the most advanced techniques.
  • African Hair salon services to your home.We offer you the best hairdressing assistance.
  • We work with the best brands of products for afro hair.


Do you want to have a spectacular afro hair?

Get in contact with Afro Natural for your afro permanent at home

The perm afro

Your ideal afro permanent

When getting a haircut for curly hair, it is normal that you worry about the presence of wind, since it could spoil it. However, if you decide to get an afro permanent, your hair will not loose its shape so easily and your preoccupation over the atmospheric conditions will disappear.

Furthermore, the permanent is such an effective treatment that, after its application, the care it takes is minimal. Our stylist from Afro Natural will tell you everything you need to know about it. Nevertheless, do not forget that a treatment like this requires specific care to keep it healthy and have a natural result.

To preserve this type of hairstyle in curly hair, you will have to go over the treatment after two to four months. This is done with the aim to “tame” de hair from its base.

Your option in hairdressing

Why should you have a curly permanent?

A hair permanent will let you forget about all your worries, allowing you to have a spectacular look every day. Moreover, your hair will be moisturised and full of life. Do not wait anymore and request your appointment!

Afro permanent in Madrid is a treatment that does not require previous preparation unless your hair is too damaged because it has gone through another type of treatment. Apart from that, any type of hair can have a permanent.

One of our most frequent doubts is: after an afro permanent, will I ever have long and straight hair? Of course. It is a myth that after a permanent you cannot wear your hair this way.

The only requirement you need for a natural stunning permanent is that your hair is, at least, 6 to 10 cm long. It will be curled in the curling machine, depending on the amplitude of the curl you desire.


What our clients say

  • Lucía Heliodoro (23.12.2018)
    “I was looking for a total change of look, a way to make my hair stand out naturally. After several ideas and researches, I knew I wanted to make myself some knotted braids, but I wanted to find the best place for it. Some of my friends told me that if they are not done properly, they can damage the hair. So I wanted to put myself in the best hands, and with Afro Natural I was not wrong. I think there is no home hairdressing service in Madrid like this one. 100% recommended”
    Lucía Heliodoro (23.12.2018)
  • Jennifer Pradera (09.01.2019)
    If you know how to treat an Afro hair properly, its beauty dazzles and impacts. And that's what they get in Afro Natural, with hairstyles that end up being the envy of all my friends. They know what they are doing, because they also wear their hair like this and it shows in the way they treat you. And all this at home, what more could you ask for?
    Jennifer Pradera (09.01.2019)
  • “When I saw that they not only did hairstyles, but also offered various beauty treatments, I wanted to try their manicure. And, of course, I'm very glad I did, because my nails have never looked as good as they do. Besides, they always give you good beauty advice for your day-to-day life”
    Diana Muñoz (21.01.2019)


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