Professional Makeup

Sometimes, we all wanted once to see ourselves looking like Hollywood stars, astonishing and with a makeup that feels light on your face but that enhances your facial features. This could not be possible without the help of a professional makeup service. Professional service is the perfect way to highlight all the characteristics of your face.

Afro Natural is the hair salon you need to obtain your goals. Among our beauty services in Madrid, we offer a professional makeup service, so you have the chance to have the look you thought it was impossible to have. As a result, you will see yourself radiant the whole day.



Why you should choose our professional makeup service

  • Experts in professional makeup
  • We use cutting-edge makeup techniques
  • Makeup service at your home
  • We only use the best makeup products


Do you want a professional makeup service?

Find in Afro Natural your professional makeup at home.

Professional make up

Ideal for every occasion

You have an event or a special date, you have to go to a public meeting or even a wedding. You need makeup that allows you to look as charming as ever, but you do not see the way to make it. For that, our professional makeup service is perfect for you. We offer bridal or night makeup, and even art makeup. We will create incredible eye makeups with eyeliners, the interplay of lights, and highlighters with colour palettes that match your skin.

In Afro Natural we can help you. We count on professional makeup artists to give you that look you are looking for. Tell us what kind of style you are looking for and we will take care of the rest. Thanks to our experience, we know what type of makeup will fit better your skin. Do you know that we can provide you this service at the commodity of your home? Then get in contact with us.

Beauty Experts

We take care of your skin

You love makeup but you do not have time or patience enough to explore your skills. The only thing you want is to know what type of tricks will favour your skin without having to spend hours doing so. With the help of our professional makeup artists, you will be able to obtain all the benefits of perfect makeup. Get that effect that you always wanted. What you need is very close to you and it is even more easy to get than you think with our professional makeup service at home.

Where is it possible to have professional makeup in Madrid? Afro Natural offers a professional makeup service at home, so you look radiant without moving from your house. Get in contact with us and enjoy our treatments. Once you see how to make the best out of you with our professional makeup, you will not want to try with someone else.


What our clients say

  • Lucía Heliodoro (23.12.2018)
    “I was looking for a total change of look, a way to make my hair stand out naturally. After several ideas and researches, I knew I wanted to make myself some knotted braids, but I wanted to find the best place for it. Some of my friends told me that if they are not done properly, they can damage the hair. So I wanted to put myself in the best hands, and with Afro Natural I was not wrong. I think there is no home hairdressing service in Madrid like this one. 100% recommended”
    Lucía Heliodoro (23.12.2018)
  • Jennifer Pradera (09.01.2019)
    If you know how to treat an Afro hair properly, its beauty dazzles and impacts. And that's what they get in Afro Natural, with hairstyles that end up being the envy of all my friends. They know what they are doing, because they also wear their hair like this and it shows in the way they treat you. And all this at home, what more could you ask for?
    Jennifer Pradera (09.01.2019)
  • “When I saw that they not only did hairstyles, but also offered various beauty treatments, I wanted to try their manicure. And, of course, I'm very glad I did, because my nails have never looked as good as they do. Besides, they always give you good beauty advice for your day-to-day life”
    Diana Muñoz (21.01.2019)


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